Rules: Your friends have wandered off again and got lost in the lush greenery of the countryside but without their phones are unable to get back home.
You, Tony, must find them and bring them back.
The color blue gives your friends a tremendous calming feeling so you must locate them and escort them to the blue area where they will be at ease.
They are not the brightest bunch however so you will have to guide them carefully, avoiding water, cars and holes in the ground of course.
Oh, and you must hop! and wear your favorite hat!
Good luck Tony, everyone is relying on you.

WASD/ARROW Keys to hop
Locate your friends and guide them home (blue area)
You can bring them back one at a time for 100 points or bring them all back together for a multiplier bonus.
When everyone (who you haven’t killed on the way) is back home, including you, the level is completed.
Try not to lose anyone on the way
Tap or Click to flip
Land upright to gain height
Complete goals to fill yourself with happiness

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