Teapot Not Found Poker

Rules: The game is a variation of video poker. As it’s related to 404, it’s quite logical 🙂 that pair of Fours or less don’t count.
Your initial balance is 411 and you need to reach 418 and officially become a teapot. If you get down to 404, your balance is not found and you lose.

Fours or Better – 1
Two Pair – 2
Three of a Kind – 3
Straight – 4
Flush – 6
Full House – 9
Four of a Kind – 12
Straight Flush – immediate win
Royal Flush – immediate win

select a card to draw – click/tap the card or press 1 to 5
place a bet or confirm selection – click/tap the button or press your space bar
toggle this help panel – desktop: press ESC, mobile: long press
restart the game – click/tap anywhere

Source, Copyright: https://github.com/serglider/TeapotNotFoundPoker